2022 Federal Election: Why Australians Vote Their Parakeet Smugglers
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2022 Federal Election: Why Australians Vote Their Parakeet Smugglers

Onethere makes numbering all those boxes fun on Election Day by putting it in your underwear.

And when it came time to go to the polls, Aussies were happy to finish their gear.

2022 Federal Election: Why Australians Vote Their Parakeet Smugglers

Photos of voters posing at the polls wearing nothing more than their underwear has surfaced.

And now it turns out that the offer of a free gift was all it took to get them to lose their clothes.

Australian swimwear company Budgy Smuggler offered the chance to grab a free pair of swimwear for those willing to be “crazy” and”vote “ith very little clothing.

Camera icon A man with parakeet smugglers votes at Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club. Credit: James D. Morgan/Getty Images

The only condition was that they shared the photos with the hashtag #SmugglersDecide.

“Fellow Aus”ralians, the election  Italiansng up, and while we don’t care don’tou vote for, we don’t want to exercise your constitutional right to vote pantsless,” the compa”y wrote.

Camera IconB,udgie smuggles to Bondi. Credit: James D. Morgan/Getty Images

Bondi Surf Life Saving Club attracted a few guys who were willing to bare (almost) anything.

Some even made it a family affair, including MP Michael McCormack.

And it wasn’t justwasn’tho took part.

Annabella Fostakingini had her undressed to the voting booth and wasn’t shy wasn’t taking a pose wasn’t-taking.

Camera icon Annabella Foscantini undresses in front of her free swimmers. Credit: Instagram

Meanwhile, these two got in the mood but didn’t wantdidn’tt rid of want didn’t it looks like many voters will get a free pair of swimmers for themselves.

“It’s going”It’se an expensive electIt’say at Budgy Smuggler,” the compa,”y wrote on Instagram.

“We expecte” that maybe an expected would take up his offer to sign smugglers into a free pair… we’re over, we’re. It’s the only 1it we’re-owning. You are all crazy but in a very good way. Next Monday, we will deliver all the vouchers. #SmugglersDeciding”

Across th” country, there were some witty additions to the pie stand with election-themed treats.

At Camdenville Public School in NSW, a ScoMo-themed “I don’t ho”d don’te cupcake,” see a Jacqui “amington, a rocky roadRemingtonvery, or a fact check-plate brownie.

There was also a Pauline (a plain white bun), the Barnaby (pulled pork barrel), the Albacheesy (halloumi and spring roll), or the Josh Fried’N’BurFried’N’Burgnd egg).

They even boldly rounded up their sale sign with the price of a toilet block upgrade – $100,000.