Cassandra Sainsbury: Drug Smuggler ‘Cocaine’ Cassie Offers Spanish Lessons to Instagram Followers
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Cassandra Sainsbury: Drug Smuggler ‘Cocaine’ Cassie Offers Spanish Lessons to Instagram Followers

Convicted drug smuggler “Cocaine Cassie” Cassandra Sainsbury seems eager to move on from her past with a surprising new career move.

Sainsbury, sentenced to six years in prison for smuggling 5.8kg of cocaine in headphone boxes, has used Instagram to brighten up her new job.

In a story posted to her Instagram this week, the Australian wrote: “For those interested in learning Spanish with me, I will be offering Spanish classes from June.”

Camera icons story that appeared on Ms. Sainsbury’s Instagram account. Credit: Instagram/Instagram

It’s unclear where she plans to teach Spanish or if many of her 15,000 fans have taken her up on the offer.

Sainsbury is still in Colombia after being released from prison in 2020. However, she must remain in the country for another 27 months on probation.

Camera icon Ms. Sainsbury was sentenced to six years in prison after smuggling 5.8kg of cocaine. Credit: 60 minutes/60 minutes

In a 60-minute interview, Sainsbury said she was offered $10,000 for a job but didn’t realize it was drug-related.

She also claimed that a drug mule had raped her and that she was forced to smuggle the cocaine in by a man who said he would kill her mother and former fiancé if she refused.

In April 2017, at 22, she was caught by police in Colombia at El Dorado airport on her way back to Australia. The following year she lived with up to five fellow inmates in a 4 square meter cell.

Because she had accepted a plea deal, the six years she originally had to serve were considerably shorter than her sentence could have been.

Camera icon Mrs. Sainsbury was twenty-two years old when she was arrested. Credit: Unknown/Facebook

During her time in prison, Ms. Sainsbury broke off her engagement to Scott Broadbridge and became engaged to an inmate at El Buen Pastor Prison, where she was imprisoned.

Camera icon Australian convicted cocaine smuggler Cassie Sainsbury was engaged to a fellow inmate, Joli Pico. Credit: Unknown/Facebook

However, Ms. Sainsbury is now married to a Colombian computer technician she met after her release.

In 2021, the former Adelaide resident announced that she plans to return to work as a personal trainer in Australia. In 2020, it was reported that she would sell nude photos and phone calls to make ends meet.

“I don’t always want to be known as ‘Cocaine Cassie’,” Ms. Sainsbury told the Daily Mail Australia.

“All I want to do is put all this behind me and get my life back.”