DXC technology selected as MSI for Western Sydney International Airport
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DXC technology selected as MSI for Western Sydney International Airport

DXC Technology, a leading Fortune 500 global technology services company, announced it has been selected as a Master Systems Integrator for Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport. DXC will be responsible for building the airport’s fundamental technology platforms in preparation for opening in 2026 and ongoing operations.

DXC technology selected as MSI for Western Sydney International Airport

DXC and its strategic Asia Pacific Airport partner, Chavali Consulting, will combine DXC’s global aviation experience and Chavali’s in-depth airport domain expertise to provide a complete end-to-end program to deliver Australia’s best terminal and drive the operational success to enable the airport.

“DXC is delighted to partner with Western Sydney Airport on this project of national significance. Building a new airport from the ground up is a unique opportunity that will allow us to bring the latest innovation to the airport and apply emerging technologies.

We look forward not only to supporting this airport with state-of-the-art technology and forward-thinking principles but also to empowering skills and creating jobs for Greater Sydney,” said Seelan Nayagam, President of Asia Pacific, DXC Technology.

“We all know that airports often don’t do well when it comes to making things easy for their customers,” said Simon Hickey, CEO of Western Sydney Airport, in a separate statement.

As a Master Systems Integrator, DXC will provide the integration, cybersecurity, and hosting platforms to bring together more than 60 operational systems and ensure a fast and seamless customer journey.

Hickey said the airport operator wanted IT and digital systems to help airlines achieve better on-time and turnaround performance and help passengers get “on their way earlier”.

“We aim to eliminate the queues that passengers experience at other airports, with systems that can predict and efficiently handle per passenger peak timesHickey said.

“This framework will enable the systems that allow passengers to track their luggage via an app so that they know exactly when their bags will arrive, to eliminate the anxious waiting around the baggage claim.

Understanding the importance of meeting airport opening dates and moving parts during construction, DXC has also included a collection of program accelerators to rapidly integrate airport systems. This consists of an Aviation Testing Center of Excellence, which uses DXC for many airport systems worldwide.

“Unlike other airports that have to adapt outdated technology and infrastructure, Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport is a unique new opportunity to build an airport from the ground up, taking into account emerging technologies or yet-to-be-devised.

With the new airport, Western Sydney will become New South Wales’s epicenter of economic growth. To that end, DXC is actively working with Western Sydney University (WSU) to identify opportunities to help students solve real-world challenges and develop job readiness skills critical to supporting the new airport and the growing region of Western Sydney.

Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport is Sydney’s second international airport. The opening is planned for 2026.

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