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Unique enough? – The Mobile Indian

Lenovo already has several smart clocks on the market, and the brand launched a new product in India today: Smart Clock Essential with Alexa built-in. Lenovo says it is the latest addition to Lenovo’s range of smart devices with digital smart clock functions and hands-free voice control with Alexa. However, is it unique enough to buy?

Unique enough?  – The Mobile Indian

Available in clay red and misty blue color options, the Smart Clock Essential is available for Rs 4,999. It will go on sale on June 15, 2022, through Lenovo.com and Amazon. And will be available later in Lenovo’s offline shopping channels.

Smart Clock Essential with Alexa: same design, different colors

The design of the new Smart Clock Essential resembles the Smart Clock 2 with a Wireless Charging dock that was launched in India in January this year. However, it came with a charging dock, while the new model does not. Lenovo says it’s coated with a soft-touch fabric designed to blend in. It looks like the same materials used in previous models but in different colors, which is very acceptable.

It has the same 4-inch LED display as Smart Clock Essential with Google Assist and Smart Clock 2 for displaying the weather, humidity, and temperature outside. It further confirms that this is the Smart Clock 2 without a charging base and will come in different colors with a new voice assistant. Speaking of the voice assistant, it has Alexa built-in, which allows one to set timers, alarms, and reminders and add items to their Amazon shopping cart with simple voice commands.

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Smart Clock Essential with Alexa: A Capable Voice Assistant

While you might prefer Google Assistant over Alexa, the latter is undeniably just as capable as the former. This is because Alexa can launch the same commands as Assistant and is compatible with most smart devices. Furthermore, it has the same click buttons as previous models at the top, so users can still operate the Smart Clock Essential without using their voice. The Smart Clock Essential also has a mute microphone switch that electrically disconnects the microphones to ensure privacy.

We can’t comment on the 3W speakers on the front of the new Smart Clock Essential, but they should sound similar to previous-generation products. This means it should get loud, but don’t expect a lot of basses. To answer the question we mentioned earlier, we think the Smart Clock Essential with Alexa is definitely worth looking into for Rs 4,999 as it has as powerful an assistant as other smart clocks, great features, and is available. in two flashy colors instead of the simple gray shade which may not suit everyone’s taste.