Texts with Sebastian revealed during trial
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Texts with Sebastian revealed during trial

A groom who hired Guy Sebastian to sing at his wedding in Venice has denied backing him by providing false evidence during the embezzlement trial of the pop star’s former manager.

Texts with Sebastian revealed during trial

Christian Bugno testified that he had spoken to Sebastian about the marriage transaction many years ago but later told the jury that the singer texted him at 12:27 p.m. Las Vegas time on May 23.

Sebastian, whose cross-examination continued during the trial on May 24, began a series of text messages to him saying, “Brother, I’m sorry, but this is so urgent because I’m in court.”

Mr. Bugno testified from Las Vegas on Thursday during the NSW District Court trial of Titus Emanuel Day, accused of embezzling nearly $1 million from Sebastian.

The 49-year-old has pleaded not guilty to 50 charges, including fraudulently misappropriating money allegedly owed to Sebastian through royalties and performance fees.

He also denies 50 alternate counts of theft or theft.

The pop singer’s wife, Jules Sebastian, will be questioned Friday after giving brief testimony late Thursday about serving as an ambassador for an organization called Play Kids for a few months in 2015.

She agreed to be paid $15,000 and was directed to an email from Day referring to the initial payment of $6403.25, which she said had been deposited into her bank account.

Mr. Bugno testified that he initially repeatedly contacted a company called Vogue Entertainment to have Sebastian perform at his 2016 wedding in Venice.

But when he got no response, he contacted the singer directly.

He said he did not receive an invoice from Vogue but paid the performance fee to Day’s company, Six Degrees.

Mr. Bugno said he also paid for business-class flights to Venice for Sebastian and Day.

The trial was briefly adjourned when Mr. Bugno revealed he had sent a trail of emails to Vogue Entertainment about wanting to hire Sebastian for his wedding over four months.

“Have you spoken to Mr. Sebastian about this?” Day’s attorney Dominic Toomey SC asked.

“My communication with Mr. Sebastian was many years ago when I first moved to Vegas,” he replied.

“I said if I can support at any time, I’d be happy to support providing evidence.”

But he later said Sebastian contacted him about a week ago and held up his cell phone to show their exchanges which the pop singer began on May 23.

After writing that he was in court, he asked if Mr. Bugno could somehow find out who had paid for Day’s flight to Venice.

“Yes, my father,” he replied, saying that the tickets were business class.

“Thanks, bro, this is great timing. I’ll call you as soon as this is over and I’m done giving proof,” Sebastian said.

Mr. Toomey referred the witness to his previous evidence when he said he had not communicated with Sebastian about the matter.

“That wasn’t true,” the lawyer said.

Mr. Bugno agreed but said he had not understood the question and apologized, saying he understood he was asked about his first conversation with Sebastian “then”.

“I was confused by the situation,” he said.

“It wasn’t true because you were here to support Mr. Sebastian,” Toomey said.

“Incorrect,” replied Mr. Bugno.

The trial continues before Judge Timothy Gartelmann.