Ten women chosen for Peter Dutton’s shadow closet
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Ten women chosen for Peter Dutton’s shadow closet

Women will fill 10 of the 24 spots in Peter Dutton’s shadow ministry, while sacked Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce will remain on the Coalition’s front bench.

Ten women chosen for Peter Dutton's shadow closet

Mr. Dutton, who was elected leader of the Liberal Party after the landslide election defeat at the hands of Anthony Albanese, announced his shadow cabinet on Sunday afternoon along with new Nationals leader David Littleproud.

Mr. Dutton had pledged to promote “as many women as possible” to the front bench and said on Sunday that 10 women could sit in his shadow cabinet, including Deputy Leader Sussan Ley, who would serve as shadow industry minister.

Karen Andrews (Home Affairs), Jane Hume (Finance), Sarah Henderson (Communications), Anne Ruston (Health & Aged Care), and Michaelia Cash (Employment) will also receive major portfolios.

Camera icon Peter Dutton has announced his shadow box. NCA NewsWire/Tracey Nearmy. Credit: News Corp Australia

Former Foreign Secretary Marise Payne had asked not to be included in his cabinet but was persuaded by Mr. Dutton to take on the role of shadow cabinet secretary.

“She has a broad experience; she has made an exceptional contribution to our team over many years,” said Mr. Dutton.

Camera icon Marise Payne has asked not to be included in the shadow ministry but will serve as a shadow cabinet minister. NCA Newswire/Andrew Taylor. Credit: NCA NewsWire

Former industry minister Angus Taylor will act as shadow treasurer, and Dutton says he will hold the Albanian government to account.

“The reality is we’re already seeing excuse after excuse after excuse from this government; they didn’t know the numbers, they didn’t know their economy would be tough, they didn’t know energy would be a problem,” Mr. Dutton said.

“I told the Australian people before the election that they were a party with the answers to all these problems, but it turns out they don’t have the answers.”

Opposition leader Peter Dutton says an “evaluation is currently underway” following the Coalition’s recent defeat in the federal election. “We will learn the lessons from the election,” Dutton told Sky News Australia. Mr. Dutton reflected on the election and his plans for the future as opposition leader. “We will look at the evaluation, the outcome, we will draw the lessons from that,” he said.

Littleproud announced that Barnaby Joyce, who he replaced as Nationals leader after the election, would remain on the front bench as shadow minister for Veterans Affairs.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, who was ousted as leader of the Nationals during a spill last year, will serve as shadow minister for international development and the Pacific.

Camera IconBarnaby Joyce remains in the front seat of the Coalition. NCA NewsWire/Andrew Taylor. Credit: NCA NewsWire

“That is an acknowledgment of the leadership of these two men in the National Party. I will continue to draw on both to ensure that the National Party can harmoniously nurture the next generation and that we are a constructive part of the Coalition. ,” he said.

In other key appointments, Alan Tudge will be the shadow education secretary, while Andrew Hastie will take on the defense portfolio.