Teen suffered burns to half of her body as a result of stepfather’s alleged actions
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Teen suffered burns to half of her body as a result of stepfather’s alleged actions

A family tries to pick up the pieces after the man who would take care of them does the unthinkable.

After an argument, 38-year-old Roland Griffiths is accused of pouring petrol over his wife, Kylie Griffiths, and her 16-year-old daughter Tyra in March this year before setting fire to them and himself at their Albanvale home in western California. Melbourne.

Teen suffered burns to half of her body as a result of stepfather's alleged actions

Ms. Griffiths suffered burns to 93 percent of her body and died in the hospital two days later.

Tyra miraculously survived and has been making a slow recovery in the hospital over the past two months with burns to 52 percent of her body.

Her 17-year-old sister Aaliah was also in the house at the time, along with four other siblings, including a nine-month-old baby.

Camera IconTyra (16) suffered burns to 52 percent of her body and required multiple skin grafts after her stepfather allegedly set her on fire. Delivered Credit: Delivered

The girls’ biological father, Ashley Johnson, said their emotional and physical trauma was difficult to deal with.

“It’s been difficult for both of them,” he said.

“Tyra has nightmares of being in a fire and things like that. She’s trying to be as mature as possible, so if you consider her fine.”

Many of the girls’ belongings were also lost in the fire, making the challenge of starting over with their Adelaide-based father even more challenging.

“Everything they had is gone. Since the house is in Mr. Griffith’s name, apparently, he gets to keep everything,” Johnson said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover ongoing medical expenses and give the girls a brighter future.

Camera IconElder sister Aaliah has been standing by Tyra’s bedside to help her recover. Delivered Credit: Delivered

An avid cricketer who dreams of playing for Australia one day, Tyra has undergone multiple surgeries, grafting skin onto unburnt areas of arms, hands, legs, and feet.

She was recently transferred to the hospital in Adelaide to be closer to her remaining family.

Aaliah is starting 12th grade at a new school in Adelaide this week after staying at her sister’s bedside with Mr. Johnson through the difficult process.

“Tyra will hopefully get her last shot in the next few days, and after that, she has a lot of physio to do, and they have yet to see how everything heals,” said Mr. Johnson.

“They can’t tell us how long it will be before she can come home.”

Camera IconTyra was recently able to stand upright with the help of a machine. Her father, Ashley Johnson (right), said the physical and emotional trauma of the ordeal was difficult. Delivered Credit: Delivered

“My daughter shouldn’t be in the hospital, and their mother shouldn’t be dead.”

Griffiths has remained in the hospital under police guard since the incident and was charged with murder and attempted murder last week.