Sports superstars support big change to power homes in Aussie
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Sports superstars support big change to power homes in Aussie

Top sports stars and entertainers are backing an effort to ditch gas in favor of clean, green power for Australian homes.

Australian test cricket captain Pat Cummins is one of nine stars named Dr. Saul Griffith, Australian engineer and inventor, The Big Switch.

Each star has read a chapter from a new audiobook version of the book, which offers a guide to Australia to reduce emissions while saving on energy bills.

“I am passionate about solving climate change because I care about my children’s future and believe that here in Australia, many of the answers to the questions are here before us,” said M.r Cummins.

Alongside him were fellow cricketer Rachael Haynes, AFL aces Tom Hickey and Nicola Barr, rugby champion Alicia Lucas, professional surfer Ace Buchan, actor Yael Stone and former Greens leader Christine Milne.

The book suggests taking advantage of Australia’s abundant solar energy by replacing gas hobs, hot gas water, gas heating, and combustion engine cars with electrified versions such as induction hobs, electric space heaters, and electric vehicles.

Dr. Griffith, an inventor and innovation guru, was born in Sydney and became a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, US government advisor on electrificatio,, and NASA project partner.

In 2021, he founded the advocacy group Rewiring Australia – an initial study showing that spending $12 billion over five years to electrify Australian homes and vehicles would generate $300 billion in family savings by 2035.

Camera icon Innovation guru Saul Griffith leads a drive to electrify Australian homes and vehicles. Credit: Included

This year, the group hopes to identify cities and suburbs most committed to moving away from gas and helping them achieve their ambitions to develop a pilot program and a world first of full electrification.

“Decarbonising our homes and suburbs is not rocket science. We have all the technology in-house. All it really takes is some practical Aussie knowledge and a little elbow grease to get the job done,” said Dr. Griffith.

“We have to seize this opportunity now. Whoever wins the elections on Saturday night should start with this challenge on Monday morning, but he also has to see the benefits.”

Orange is the New Black star Yael Stone has passionately taken up the cause of reducing emissions in her life, using her public profile to push for change.

“In 2019, I changed everything in my life to be able to work more firmly on positive, active solutions to climate change, and Saul’s books have been important in that,” she said.

“I am really lucky to be able to read his words. Climate change is a big bold problem, and The Big Switch offers us a bold solution.”