Rockingham crash: Mother of six-year-old Jackson Donovan shares devastating tribute to son
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Rockingham crash: Mother of six-year-old Jackson Donovan shares devastating tribute to son

The family of the boy who died in a shocking car accident in Rockingham on Friday has revealed how devastated they are at losing the “hilarious” and “smart” six-year-old.

His grieving mother had shared the harrowing moment when she realized she’d lost her “sweet” and “joyful” young son.

Jackson Donovan’s mother, Klara Donovan, had just picked up her son from school with his younger sister Rosie when the tragedy unfolded on a rainy Friday afternoon at the intersection of Dixon and Mandurah roads in East Rockingham.

The trio was on their way to pick up Jackson’s sister, Everley, from kindergarten, but they never made it tragically.

“We got in the car … I was thrilled to have us all home together for the weekend in less than an hour,” the heartbroken mother wrote on social media, according to The West Australian.

“(Then) everything turned white.”

Camera icon Jackson Donovan’s mother had just picked him up from school with his sister Rosie when the tragedy unfolded. Credit: Klara Donovan/FacebookCamera Icon, The six-year-old boy who was seriously injured in a horror crash in Rockingham on Friday, has tragically lost his fight for life. Credit: 7NEWS/delivered

The family became trapped in a crowd of four vehicles at Dixon and Mandurah roads intersection when a driver – believed to have had a medical episode – collided with another vehicle, which then crashed with them. The car slammed and a Transperth bus.

“I was so confused until I realized we had just been hit really hard, and all the airbags around me had deployed,” said Ms. Donovan.

“We were pushed into traffic and hit one or two more times, causing the car to spin.”

When the car finally stopped spinning, the first thing Mrs. Donovan did was, “Everyone okay?” to her children, but only one answered.

The family was informed that Jackson had died instantly.

“Chris and I can’t accept that everything just stopped,” wrote Mrs. Donovan.

“His love of video games – Minecraft and Lego Ninjago. His reading appetite – he loved reading Dr. Seuss’s books. His happy little friendships. His great love for his sisters. Pokémon. Sonic. Nic Naitanui. Lego. His Paw Patrol onesie Chicken wrap happy meal with frozen cola.

“His special relationships with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Sneaking into our bed at night.

“He was always the best in our family at guessing the cakes on Is It Cake.

“He had just won a few uno cards at school and loved learning the game and teaching Everley, so he always had someone to play with him. And he was really excited about the new Bluey episodes starting this week.”