Rainbomb continues as deluge soaks Queensland and NSW
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Rainbomb continues as deluge soaks Queensland and NSW

After soaking for a weekend and much of this year, East Coast residents are gearing up for more heavy rainfall this week.

Queensland and NSW have faced heavy rainfall and flood threats, with many areas along the coast registering their wettest start to the year for some time.

Rainbomb continues as deluge soaks Queensland and NSW

In Sydney, up to 40mm of rain is expected on Monday, while the city has showers every day for nearly two-thirds of the year.

Meanwhile, Brisbane is expected to do better at just 10mm.

Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe said it has been a tough five months for many people in those areas.

Camera icon Torrential rain and flash flooding continue in southeastern Queensland. Credit: News Corp Australia, Lachie Millard

“Those showers are still ongoing from the central NSW coastlines to south-east Queensland. In the coming days, we will see a few additional showers further north,” he said.

“It’s that persistent rainy weather that’s been going on off the coast of NSW and South East Queensland that is making many people sick at this point in the year.

“We are close to or even experiencing our wettest first five months of the year for many parts of that stretch of coastline.”

It has resulted in part of Queensland experiencing its wettest May in more than 80 years.

“Some parts of the Sunshine Coast have gone beyond 50omm; the last time that happened on the Sunshine Coast was in 1938,” said Mr. Sharpe.

In Queensland, major flooding along Cooper Creek in Windorah is expected to continue through Tuesday. At the same time, there is a warning of minor to major flooding at the Moonie River between Warrie Station and Fenton.

Major flood warnings are also in place for the River Condamine, the River Balonne up to Surat, and the River Balonne downstream of the Beardmore Dam.

In NSW, major flooding is expected along the Narran River in Angledool, while major flooding is possible at the Culgoa River in Brenda, Weilmoringle, and Kenebree.

Moderate flooding is also possible along the Bogan River in Mudall and Nyngan and the Lower Bogan River in Mulgawarrina.

But there is an end in sight for those dealing with the rain bomb.

“Especially from Thursday, the showers on the east coast will decrease. Only a few showers for parts of the east from that day on,’ said Mr. Shape.

A dangerous surf warning has also been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for the NSW coastline, with surf and swell conditions expected to make rock fishing and boating dangerous.

That warning is expected to last through Tuesday and includes the coast of Fraser Island, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Relevant surf life-saving agencies warn beachgoers and boaters to reconsider getting into the water.