Qld physiotherapist convicted of sexual assault
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Qld physiotherapist convicted of sexual assault

Two women have been left “traumatized” after being sexually assaulted on the same day by an experienced physiotherapist at his Brisbane clinic.

Qld physiotherapist convicted of sexual assault

Scott Alexander Stuart Mackay, 48, has been sentenced to prison for a “significant breach of trust” after touching both patients’ vaginas within hours of each other at his Windsor company in January 2019.

In her second session with the father of four, the first woman received treatment for knee pain before Mackay moved his hand to her thigh, her groin, and then under her underwear.

Mackay then rested his fingers “between the folds of my labia” for about a minute, the woman said in transcripts read in the Brisbane District Court.

The second woman arrived later that day for her first session with Mackay – a physiotherapist with 25 years of experience – to deal with back pain.

She “froze” when Mackay put his fingers over her vagina as she lay on her side.

She didn’t tell anyone until July 2019 when she saw a Facebook post from Queensland Police about the first woman’s complaint and contacted officers.

“For a man in your position, it’s a significant breach of trust,” Judge Julie Dick told Mackay on Thursday.

“You have clearly damaged the trust of those two patients.”

Reliving the experience as a witness at Mackay’s trial had exacerbated the victims’ pain, Judge Dick said.

“Not only are they traumatized by the experience, but… they are traumatized by the court experience,” she said.

“Both were subjected to cross-examination. It was clear to them that the event they described did not occur.

“The jury found that it happened, and I’m not surprised. They were very solid witnesses.”

But Judge Dick also noted the “irreparable damage” Mackay had caused personally and professionally before serving her sentence.

After his arrest, Mackay closed the physio shop he had run since 2001.

His sentence was reduced because of the “extrajudicial sentence” he had undergone, Judge Dick said.

She also accepted the defense’s submission, Kate Juhasz, that Mackay’s time in prison would be difficult due to an ongoing medical condition.

“Your significant errors of judgment regarding these two young women have had disastrous consequences for your life, for your profession,” she said.

“You are publicly embarrassed. Your family has felt that. They are ashamed.

“You have suffered suffering since (his arrest).”

Mackay was on trial on one charge of rape and assault.

He was found guilty of two counts of assault on Wednesday.

Mackay was sentenced to 12 months in prison on Thursday, with a three-year suspension after serving three months.