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Everything we know about Nothing Phone (1) – The Mobile Indian

After the launch of Ear (1) last year, Nothing is all set to make its debut in the smartphone world with Phone (1). Founded by marketing wiz Carl Pei, it’s no surprise that the smartphone coming out next month is already making a lot of noise.

The talk of the tech city is all about the Phone (1), making it one of the most hyped and anticipated phones launched this year. While Pei has managed to keep the number and specs a secret, glimpses of the Phone have b een shared online. Much is still unknown about the Phone (1), but Nothing has been shared about a details about the device. Here’s everything we know about the Nothing Phone (1).

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Transparent back:

Following in the footsteps of its first product, the Ear (1), Nothing showed that it would also go the semi-transparent route for its smartphone. The official social media hand of the company recently shared the image of the back of the Phone, which reveals that the Phone will have a semi-transparent back, giving a little sneak peek of the inside of the device.

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LED lighting on the back:

The Nothing Phone (1) is a design gift that keeps giving. Aside from the semi-transparent, which looks like an eye-catcher in its own right, Nothing has decided to take the design up a notch and added LED lights on the back of the Phone (1). The back of the smartphone comes with 900 tiny LED lights in the pattern of Nothin Glyph. These LEDs act as notification lights and blink differently to highlight various notifications. While these LED lights are sure to turn heads, Nothing has added some functionality to this flare. For example, the Phone charging wirelessly will light up differently and light up differently if you have other messages. The Phone also shows your charging status when you set it with a cable and the battery status.

Wireless and reverse charging:

A small video of the Phone also revealed that the Nothing Phone (1) will be equipped with both wireless and reverse charging. This means that in addition to traditional wired charging, users can also enjoy wireless charging on the device. With onboard reverse charging, users can also charge their wearables with wireless charging support by simply placing them on the back of the Phone.

Flat sides

The Nothing Phone (1) may be blazing its own design trail, but there are a few look trends that the Phone is likely to follow. One of those trends is the flat sides. Flat sides have become very popular lately and have become a design must-have in smartphones. The first look of the Nothing Phone (1) revealed that it will come with fashionable flat sides instead of good old curved ones, giving it a trendy look and feel.

Two cameras:

Although the complete look of the Nothing Phone (1) has yet to be viewed, a look at the back was enough to reveal that the Phone comes with a dual primary camera. In a world where smartphones come with more and more cameras every day, the fact that Nothing opted for a dual camera setup with its first smartphone is actually a bold move. The des andthe flat sies also caused many people to call the phone iPhone inspired, but we think in terms of originality, Nothing Phone (1) stands on some pretty strong ground.

Snapdragon 700 series chip is expected to run the show:

The Nothing Phone (1) is expected to be a mid-range smartphone. Carl Pei had previously spilled that the Phone would come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset but had not discussed the details of the chipset. Recently, some reports have suggested that the Phone will run on a 700-series Snapdragon chipset, which makes sense given that the Phone will not be a flagship.

Software and Security Updates:

The Nothing Phone (1) will run on the brand’s operating system, NothingOS, based on Android 12. Carl Pei teases the world with sneak peeks of the operating system, revealing that the NothingOS will come with a unique aesthetic and focus on introducing some productive new features. In addition to a new skin, the brand has also promised that the Phone will offer three years of software updates and four years of security updates, which could prove to be a big plus.