Cottesloe is joined by Subiaco as the first municipality in the Western Suburbs to have FOGO. is becoming
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Cottesloe is joined by Subiaco as the first municipality in the Western Suburbs to have FOGO. is becoming

An additional annual collection of green waste throughout the city of Subiaco is an opportunity as part of plans to transform the waste collection into the three-bin, organic food, and garden waste (FOGO) system.

Subiaco councilors discussed FOGO implementation at their June 21 agenda briefing meeting, pointing out that due to the nature of the city’s leafy suburbs, other green waste collections were required to accompany the 240-liter FOGO bin.

Technical services director Alan Millard said the city could consider a new green waste collection, which is currently coming in at an annual cost of about $72,000.

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“If we add an additional collection of green waste on the roadside, we’re looking at $38 per collection and $139 per tonne for processing,” said Mr. Millard.

“But an extra service is something we can consider.

“Also, for those who live in apartments and may not produce as much green waste, we might consider a smaller FOGO bin in the future.”

The transition from the city of Cottesloe to FOGO began early this month.

Eligible households now have a kitchen caddy for food scraps, two rolls of compostable liners, and a ‘How to FOGO’ pamphlet courtesy of the city hosting a FOGO information session to prepare residents for the new system.

The FOGO curbside collection service with three bins consists of a red lid bin for general waste, a yellow lid bin for mixed recycling, and a green lid bin for FOGO.

The state has pledged $20 million to support local governments transitioning to three-bin FOGO services through the Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program. Under this program, $45,302 in funding has been allocated to the City of Cottesloe.

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Environment Minister Reece Whitby congratulated Cottesloe on being the first western suburban council to introduce a FOGO collection.

“The recovery of organic waste is important; throwing organic materials into landfill is a waste of resources and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mr. Whitby.

“Household food and garden waste are turned into compost for farms, parks, and gardens.

“Many households are good recyclers, and this latest rollout allows Cottesloe residents to recycle compostable waste.”

The City of Subiaco, which has also been approved for the Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program, will discuss FOGO implementation at its regular council meeting on June 28.

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