Blue Microphones Launch Yeti X, Yeti USB Microphones in India – The Mobile Indian
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Blue Microphones Launch Yeti X, Yeti USB Microphones in India – The Mobile Indian

Blue Microphones, a part of Logitech for Creators and a Logitech brand extension for creators, today announced the launch of two USB microphones, Yeti X and Yeti Nano, in the Indian market. The brand claims that these USB mics can be used with various platforms, from gaming, live streaming, YouTube content creation, and home studio work — all with broadcast-quality recording.

Yeti X retails for Rs 17,495 and Yeti Nano for Rs 9,995. Availability details for the microphones are unclear at this time. The Blue Microphones are easy to set up and connect with plug ‘n play control for direct streaming with PC or Mac. Both microphones help musicians and content creators deliver enhanced audio with a full range of premium studio microphones.

Blue Microphones Launch Yeti X, Yeti USB Microphones in India - The Mobile Indian

Blue Yeti X, Yeti Nano Features, Specifications

Yeti X is specially tuned to deliver superior broadcast-quality sound for pro-level gaming, Twitch, Mixer streaming, podcasting, and YouTube productions. Yeti X features a four-capsule condenser microphone with an 11-segment LED meter that goes from green to red, allowing streamers to check and adjust their voice level at a glance and easily maintain professional sound quality. At the same time, living in front of the camera.

An illuminated multi-function smart button provides precise control over microphone gain, mute, and headphone volume. The smart knob also controls the mix of microphone signal and computer sound, allowing creators to adjust the amount of computer audio over microphone audio heard through the headphones.

Yeti Nano, on the other hand, delivers studio-quality blue sound with two proprietary condenser microphone capsules specially tuned to give the voice exceptional presence and detail. Yeti Nano supports high-quality 24-bit/48kHz recording, so creators can bring true professional production value to your podcast or video.

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In addition, Yeti Nano offers plug-and-play performance with a wide range of software and operating systems, making it versatile and easy to use in any environment. With two pickup pattern controls directly on the mic, Yeti Nano gives the flexibility to record a single source or multiple sources simultaneously.

For both microphones, the cardioid mode picks up sources directly in front of the microphone. The omnidirectional mode picks up sound evenly from every direction and is ideal for conference calls. Yeti X also comes with a bi-directional way, which records from both the front and back of the microphone, and stereo mode, which uses both the left and right channels for capturing immersive audio experiences.

Yeti X and Yeti Nano come with Advanced Blue VO!CE, accessible through Logitech G HUB software. Blue VO!CE is a powerful suite of broadcast vocal effects developed for creators, making it easier than ever for creators to achieve professional on-stream sound quality and more ways to entertain their audiences.