‘Big red flag’: Energy bills doubling amid rising cost of living
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‘Big red flag’: Energy bills doubling amid rising cost of living

Australian energy bills are expected to double as retailers announce price increases of up to 130 percent amid the rising cost of living.

'Big red flag': Energy bills doubling amid rising cost of living

Four Australian retailers, including Discover Energy, Mojo Power, LPE, and RE Amped, informed their customers via letter and email this week that they would be hit by an “unprecedented” price hike in mid-June. A Big Switch Energy expert Joel Gibson told Ben Fordham that “every Australian household can expect a letter of price increases in the next three weeks”.

“We’ve never seen anything like it. We have never seen such price increases in Australia since time immemorial,” he said.

Camera Icon Australians are struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living amid a massive surge in energy. David Swift. Credit: News Corp Australia

LPE has given some Queenslanders a blow with a 100 percent increase in usage rates, while Mojo Power has emailed NSW customers saying they will see a 58 percent increase, although the daily support fee will increase by 29 percent. Valleys.

Discover Energy has notified residents of NSW and South Australia that some peak rates would rise to 95 percent on top of a 130 percent increase in delivery charges in NSW and a 45 percent increase in SA.

Mr. Gibson has urged people to check their accounts closely to be aware of price increases.

“We’ve asked our members to send us their price increase letter when it lands in their retailer’s inbox or letterbox,” he said.

Camera IconOne Big Switch Energy expert Joel Gibson has urged Australians to keep track of their energy tariffs. Tim Hunter. Credit: News Corp Australia

“Don’t let that letter go in the trash because it will be a very important money-saving exercise this year.

“We’re building a ranking of the biggest price increases, and we know that the first four retailers to reach out to their customers all had a usage rate increase of more than 40 percent.”

The consumer networking expert said there are still some fixed-rate plans to help consumers avoid the “big red flag.”

“Just keep switching every time you get an unreasonable price increase,” he said.

Gibson said the “very worrying sign” follows in the footsteps of more than two dozen energy retailers that “went down” in the UK in the past year.

“They’ve just had a 54 percent increase in the government price cap there – which is absolutely in line with the household budget of hundreds of millions of Britons,” he said.