Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme (With Background)

Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme (With Background)

Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme (With Background) is the aunt of Big Hero 6. She was the first character to appear in the film. She is very kind, funny, and caring. The Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme is a new meme taking over Instagram. This version has a background and a story.

Aunt Meme has a secret identity! She’s a little nerdy superhero! I’m sharing her personal origin story and character development in this post.

The Big Movie Hero 6 is about a young boy named Hiro who discovers a robot named Baymax who helps him with his everyday problems. This is the movie that inspired me to share my own Big Hero 6 aunt meme background story.

You’ll love this story and see why Aunt Meme would be a superhero!

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Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme

Background story

It’s been a while since I’ve done a tutorial, but I had to share these with you. It took me forever to perfect them, but they turned out well.

I decided to do a Big Hero 6 tutorial because everyone wants to make their own meme character, but I don’t know how to start.

You might have noticed that the Background is really dark. I used Photoshop, and finding a light background that wasn’t too busy was difficult.

The result? A really fun meme that you can add to your Instagram profile or anywhere you want.

If you want to use the tutorial on your website, please let me know in the comments below.


This simple and inexpensive project can be done in less than an hour.

It’s a fun project that can be done by anyone of any age and at any skill level.

I’ve put together a few tutorials on how to build your own Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme (With Background)

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Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme

Voice over

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I’ve been a big fan of Big Hero 6 since I was a kid. There’s a scene where Baymax is in a hospital and meets an old man who reminds him of his late father.

The old man says that his son died at a young age, but he still got to see him grow up and become a doctor. The old man tells Baymax that he’s glad he did get to meet his son and watch him become a doctor.

It reminds me that we can always find hope no matter how difficult life gets. We can always look back, see our children grow into adults, and know we did our best with them.


Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme is a fanfiction created by author Ayla. She is best known for writing and drawing The Adventures of Captain Underpants webcomic.

Her other work includes writing for Marvel Comics’ Black Panther: World of Wakanda and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

She has also illustrated for the webcomic Pintsize Stories, which features the adventures of three superheroes.

Big Hero 6 Aunt Meme is a sequel to the movie Big Hero 6. The protagonist is a girl named Baymax, the same character he is voiced by Scott Adsit.

The story follows her adventures after the events of the movie.

I know you’re probably wondering where Aunt Meme went. She’s taking a little break from her family vacation in Hawaii to return to the mainland.

Now, she needs your help. So, if you’ve got a few minutes, I’d love for you to share a story with her.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional artist to participate. All you need is a smartphone and a bit of creativity.

For example, I could tell you a story about when I had to deal with a situation like this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you tell us about your role in Big Hero 6?

A: I am Aunt Meme. I am a mentor and teacher. I am a leader and a role model. I am a superhero and a superheroine. I am an inspiration to all the kids on Big Hero 6.

Q: How does your character compare to other characters in the film?

A: My character is very similar to my real life. I ddon’tlook like a hero, but I can act like one and inspire others. I was always super confident, so I’m not surprised I got picked to be in Big Hero 6.

Q: What advice do you give young women aspiring to become professional models or actresses?

A: Always stay positive. Never let anyone tell you no, and never give up. You have to love yourself.

Q: Why did you want to be a character in Big Hero 6?

A: I was excited to be a part of this film because it was DDisney’sfirst 3D animated feature film, which I thought was very exciting. They have such a great reputation for creating fantastic animation. I loved that my character, Aunt Meme, was a big part of the story.

Q: What is your favorite scene in Big Hero 6?

A: I love the scene where Hiro is telling his dad how he feels about their relationship. He is trying to help Hiro realize they need to accept each other for who they are. That is very important to me.

Q: When did you first know you wanted to become an actor?

A: I knew I wanted to act since I was about six years old. I remember seeing the movie 101 Dalmatians. That’s when I decided I would like to be a veterinarian. But I went to school and started acting, which made sense. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Q: How did you prepare for this role?

A: I read everything I could find about the character, watched the film extensively, and talked to many people involved in the production. It was really helpful.

Q: What was the hardest part about getting into this role?

A: The hardest part was doing accents. I’ve done several characters throughout my career. I played an African American man named Michael and a German man named Tim. Those were pretty easy.

Myths About Aunt Meme

1. Aunt Meme was a fat lady and not a thin woman.

2. Aunt Meme had no family.

3. Aunt Meme had no kids.

4. Aunt Meme did not work.


I would love to see my nephews grow up and become adults someday. So, I decided to make a fun video for them.

The hardest part of creating this video was figuring out how to draw the characters realistically. The backgrounds were a little easier because they were all hand drawn.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video! Feel free to share it with your friends!

I have to admit, this was a bit of a surprise to me. When I first came across this character, I had no idea she would turn out to be Aunt Meme.

I wanted to draw Aunt Meme in a different style and thought this would be a perfect opportunity.

As you can see, I took inspiration from my experiences drawing characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The comic book industry has a long history of using characters to represent different groups and cultures.

n this case, Aunt Meme is a Filipino woman who lives in America. SShe’sa a nurse, and sshe’sworking on her mmaster’sdegree in public health.

SShe’salso a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so her outfit and hairstyle were based on the Iron Man suit.