Axis Transforms Victoria’s Two Largest Cities into Leading Smart Cities

Axis Transforms Victoria’s Two Largest Cities into Leading Smart Cities

Axis announced its partnership with two of the largest cities in Victoria, Australia – Melbourne and Geelong, to enhance its Safe City Camera Networks.

Axis’ integrated security solutions will help communities feel safer in public places through enhanced crime prevention, deterrence, and response. More than 300 CCTV cameras have been upgraded to Axis’ PTZ cameras in the two cities.

Axis Transforms Victoria's Two Largest Cities into Leading Smart Cities

The high-quality PTZ cameras enable automatic detection between vehicles and pedestrians, giving the municipality insight into traffic flow and patterns.

Johnny Lee, Business Development Manager, Transportation and Smart Cities, Axis Communications ANZ, said: “The data and insights our technology provides are critical to the proper planning and management of public spaces and transportation,”

“Our technology was originally intended to improve safety around clubs and entertainment areas, but both cities are increasingly being used to understand how their respective cities are changing,” said Mr. Lee.

Axis was able to address the need for a network of security solutions that would help reduce crime and vandalism towards key infrastructure and support complementary smart city initiatives such as traffic management and urban mobility.

As experienced in cities around the world, the ongoing impact of the pandemic has changed the number of motorists on the road and the travel behavior associated with public transport.

As a result of the implementation of Axis, the first-ever dedicated Congestion Management Team was established to respond to bottlenecks, incidents, and disruptions in real-time.

The Victorian state government has made an unprecedented investment in technology to prevent traffic congestion, including 700 additional traffic surveillance cameras and nearly 200 wireless traffic sensors to help monitor and reduce traffic congestion in cities like Melbourne.

“As we return to the normal Covid situation, we are starting to see an increase in the use of roads and public transport; a key to delivering an efficiently flowing city is understanding how it works. From the flow of vehicles and pedestrians to the effects of events on transport infrastructures such as parking and public transport. Thanks to data analytics and automation, carriers and city councils can make informed decisions and plan for the future.” said Mr. Lee.

Deputy Mayor Trent Sullivan said the network upgrades have improved public safety and transportation planning in Greater Geelong.

“This smart technology changes the game because it provides accurate data to inform public space and transportation planning,” said the deputy mayor. “The cameras in Central Geelong are linked to a control center monitored by specially trained council personnel and the Victoria Police.”

“With real-time data on public spaces, we can ensure that Central Geelong and our townships are attractive, vibrant, and active.”

Axis has a proven track record of providing ‘Smart Cities’ solutions worldwide and continues its efforts to help Australian cities become smooth-running, vibrant centers of activity that protect citizens while respecting their privacy.

Craig Buckingham – Security Services Team Leader at the City of Melbourne, said: “The City of Melbourne takes public domain security very seriously through the Safe City Camera program and many other security initiatives”,

Through our security integrator, we have developed a strong working relationship with the Axis Communications Melbourne Office. The Axis products are very reliable, and we communicate well and openly with the Axis team when we provide feedback on improvements, possible changes, or new products to make Melbourne a safer place.” said Buckingham

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